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Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Town hall
Postal Code: 37002
Tel +30 24270
Altitude: 20 meters
Longitude: 23o 29' 16,94" E
Latitude: 39o 9' 46" N

Ferry lines that operate to the port

Shipping Companies Agents
Aegean Flying Dolphins (FD) Heliotropio Tourism & Travel
(Travel Agent)
Tel: +30 24270 22430, 21463, 22024
ANES Ferries (H.Q.) (SY) Heliotropio Tourism & Travel
(Travel Agent)
Tel: +30 24270 22430, 21463, 22024
Hellenic Seaways (H.Q.) (MF) Skiathos Travel
(Travel Agent)
Tel: +30 24270 22276, 22209, 22029

Useful Information (9)

Port agents

Papadimos Shipping Agency

Tel: +30 24270 22204, 22979, 29072, Fax: +30 24270 22979

Port Authority

Port Authority of Skiathos

Tel: +30 24270 22017, Fax: +30 24270 23720

Tourist police

Tourist Police Station of Skiathos

Tel: +30 24270 23172, 21111, Fax: +30 24270 21740

Port information

Skiathos Port


Police Department of Skiathos

Tel: +30 24270 21111, 21740


Tel: +30 24270 24461

Port agents

Skiathos Travel

Tel: +30 24270 22276, 22209, 22029, Fax: +30 24270 22750

Mathinos Travel

Tel: +30 24270 29222, 22025, Fax: +30 24270 29969

Heliotropio Tourism & Travel

Tel: +30 24270 22430, 21463, 22024, Fax: +30 24270 21952

Local governments (1)


Skiathos Municipality

Tel: +30 24270 22022, 22240, 23713, Fax: +30 24270 23150

Selected tourism enterprises (4)

Travel agencies

Dixie Birdnest Travel & Tourism

Tel: +30 24270 23388, 23880, Fax: +30 24270 23880

Pabel Tours

Tel: +30 24270 21824, Fax: +30 24270 21648

PABEL TOURS is a travel agency for international tour operators. Our experience in tourism has been developed through years of work in this area. This experience distinguishes us in this field and ensures that we can satisfy all your requirement. We can provide information and a wide range of travel services and products.

Our office includes selected hotels and resorts, apartments and villas, transfers, excursions, special packages and more. We will ensure that our guest’s needs are met whilst offering typical Greek hospitality and modern conveniences.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Danae Travel Bureau

Tel: +30 211 3247512, Fax: +30 211 3221717


Elivi Skiathos 5 Stars

The Elivi Skiathos redefines luxury, personalised service and the coexistence of the grandeur of the views by capturing harmoniously the rarity with the simplicity by fusing the contemporary design of the past in today's elegant lines of the hotel.

Designed and fashioned with an eye on perfection, integrated into an undisturbed natural environment of unparalleled beauty, the Elivi Skiathos stands for authenticity, hospitality and generosity. These are the values it wishes to convey to its guests by offering them indulgent aesthetic luxury, and services with refined care: Ultra luxurious, spacious rooms and suites with private pools and court yards, enveloped by forests with cone and pine trees, rich vegetation, only a few steps away from the shore.

Elivi Xenia Hotel

On the southwestern part of Skiathos, the hotel is perched in a dense pine forest on the "Pounta" peninsular overlooking Koukounaries beach. Covering a continuous expanse of 66.000 m2 and located on the site of the old Xenia Hotel, today's Elivi Xenia Hotel integrates perfectly with the environment; its structure stretches over 4.000 m2.

Elivi Grace Suites

These 11 suites sit directly on the white sand of Ambelakia beach, a continuation of the famous Koukounaries beach, embraced by the waves and sea within unrivalled natural beauty inspired by the elegance and grace of the locally inhabiting black swan who comes out at the hours between sunset and moonrise, proud and carefree, to remind us of the splendor and the unrivalled beauty of nature.

Elivi Nest Rooms, Villas & Suites

Scattered in the midst of olive groves and pine trees, behind the Big Banana beach on the north-western part of the promontory, 19 individual lodgings with independent accommodation, and a feeling of serenity and privacy, complete the structure of the hotel complex, offering yet another alternative residence in the enchanting scenery.

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