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Type of location: Port, Beach, Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection, Town hall, Blue Flag 2013, Blue Flag 2014, Blue Flag 2015, Blue Flag 2016, Blue Flag 2017, Blue Flag 2018, Blue Flag 2019
Other Names: AGCHIALOS, NEA (Alternative)
Postal Code: 37400
Tel +30 24280
Altitude: 35 meters
Longitude: 22o 48' 46" E
Latitude: 39o 16' 34" N

Useful Information (2)

Responsible port authority

Central Port Authority of Volos

Tel: +30 24210 28888, 33840, 76720, Fax: +30 24210 20115


Police Station of Nea Agchialos

Tel: +30 24280 76219

Local governments (2)


Municipality of Nea Aghialos

Tel: +30 24280 78717, Fax: +30 24280 78715

Municipalities' district offices

Nea Agchialos Community

  One of the major towns of the region. Anchialos means the city by the sea. Its well known for its beautiful black sand beach, picturesque port, pine-clad hill (the citadel of the ancient Pyrasos) and archaeological remains.
  There are sites of archaeological interest all around the town: the remains of both secular buildings and early Christian churches with extremely fine mosaics.
  Near Nea Anchialos is situated one of the two airports of the region. The tourist infrastructure (hotels, rented accommodation, transport, small conference facilities) guarantees the visitor a pleasant, relaxing holiday. Picturesque seaside sites like Kritharia, Marathos, Agios Georgios Kinigon, Megali Valanidia and Dimitriada are ideal for short excursions to complement the cultural activities taking place all year round and culminating in the wine festival at the end of July or beginning of August, where free wine is offered by the Dimitra Agricultural Collective, one of the biggest wine producers in Greece.
This text (extract) is cited November 2003 from the GNTO - Region of Thessaly - Prefecture of Magnesia - Magnesia Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Selected tourism enterprises (1)

Travel agencies

Danae Travel Bureau

Tel: +30 211 3247512, Fax: +30 211 3221717

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