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Monastery of Frangavilla

  On the outskirts of Amalias is the Byzantine Monastery of Frangavilla, now the orphanage of the municipality of Elis. The Katholikon, a Middle Byzantine building, is one of the most important churches of Eleia. It is a four-columned inscribed cruciform church with a dome.
   Later additions and repairs have altered its exterior appearance and it now gives the impression of being massive and unarticulated. Preserved on the interior are important wall paintings. The earliest are probably contemporary with the erection of the building and the later ones are datable to the 17th century.

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  Amaliada (ancient: Amalias) is a city in the western Peloponnese, in Greece. It has 32,090 citizens (of which about 10,000 live in the city and the rest live within Amalias). It is near the archealogical site of ancient Elis, which was the city that held the ancient Olympic Games. It is situated on the valley of Ilia Prefecture and almost directly south of the Peneus river, 80 km from Patras, 7 km form Savalia, 5 km from Kourouta, 28 km from Pyrgos, 291 km from Athens and 5 km from the Ionian sea. It is ranked the second largest city in Ilia. It is the westernmost city in the Peloponnese.
  It features a city square with beautiful pine trees and a fountain. Local streets are mainly in grid order, almost running north to south and east to west. A lake is situated in Amaliada's east side, along with a public stadium where mainly soccer is played. Amaliada has a hospital in its southeast part and a monastery named Agia Frangavilla to its southeast. Amaliada has one train station (located west of the city square) and two in the municipality.
  A street in Amaliada's west side named Hiroshima is mainly dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Hiroshima bombing before the end of World War II. Further west are Amaliada's closest beaches of Kourouta and Palouki.

This text is cited December 2004 from the West Greece Region General Secretariat URL below, which contains image.

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Police Sub-Department of Amaliada

Tel: +30 26220 38222
Fax: +30 26220 23333

Police Department of Amaliada

Tel: +30 26220 38218
Fax: +30 26220 38217

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Ilida Municipality

Tel: +30 26223 60500
Fax: +30 26223 60501

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