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History (1)


  Built on a lush plateau, the border town of Florina is split in two by the picturesque Sakoulevas river. It has been inhabited continuously since prehistoric times, as archaeological finds show, though its present name is perhaps related to the Byzantine settlement, Chloro.
  Throughout the Ottoman occupation a large number of Muslims lived in the town, but by the early 18th century the Greek element had begun to increase and develop, thanks to trade and crafts, principally that of the silversmith.
  The linking of Florina by rail with Thessaloniki and Monastir in 1894 gave a new boost to the town's economy; Florina evolved into an urban center with an active cultural and educational life, helped by the remittances of prosperous emigrants.
  From 1878 the activity of its guerrilla bands was on the increase, while its strategic location made it a key center in the Macedonian Struggle and a base for Greek operations in the Balkan Wars (1912-1913).
  A major factor in the development of the contemporary town was the settlement of many residents from Monastir (now Bitola) after 1912, who made a great contribution to the intellectual and cultural renewal of the district.

By kind permission of:Ekdotike Athenon
This text is cited Nov 2003 from the Macedonian Heritage URL below, which contains image.

Sights (1)


The houses of Florina

  In Florina one finds houses (many of which are listed) that represent a variety of periods and architectural styles. The neighborhoods on the banks of the Sakoulevas are typical of the folk architecture of the late 19th-early 20th century.
  The houses have one storey and massive double doorways that open into a courtyard from which an inner staircase leads to the upper floor. Often the center of the facade meets in a pediment, while the interior decoration usually consists of elaborately carved wooden ceilings and cupboards.
  The town houses in the city center exhibit the eclectic elements (ranging from neo-Byzantine to art deco) popular in the 1930s. Other characteristic features are the moulding of external surfaces with added ornamental elements and beautifully carved wooden doors. Inside, the formal reception rooms are embellished with tapestries.

By kind permission of:Ekdotike Athenon
This text is cited Nov 2003 from the Macedonian Heritage URL below, which contains images.

Places of worship (1)


Monastery of St. Avgoustinos

Tel: +30 23850 26810

Festivals and fairs (1)


Bonfires Festival

, , 23/12/2001

Scenery routes (7)

Mountain trail

Florina - Krya Vryssi

Low difficulty degree. Duration: 1.30h

Florina - Agios Markos

Low level difficulty. Duration: 1.30h

Florina - Lokmata

Low level difficulty. Duration: 1.45h

Florina - Gortsa toumba

Medium level difficulty. Duration: 3.30h

Florina - Agios Germanos

High level difficulty

Florina - Nympheo

High level difficulty

Florina - Palia Drossopigi

High level difficulty

Transportation (1)


Tel: +30 23850 22800, 23100, 22700

Useful Information (4)


Florina Police Headquarters

Tel: +30 23850 22222, 22100, 22200
Fax: +30 23850 22201

Police Department of Florina

Tel: +30 23850 23083, 22222

Police Station of Flambouro

Tel: +30 23850 67351

Police Station of Neo Kaukaso

Tel: +30 23850 92416

Local governments (2)


Regional Division of Florina

Tel: +30 23853 50400
Fax: +30 23853 50401


Florina Municipality

Tel: +30 23853 51000

Professional associations: (1)

Tourism trade

Florina Hoteliers Association

Tel: +30 23860 20000-9
Fax: +30 23860 20045

Selected tourism enterprises (2)

Travel agencies

Topalis Tours

Tel: +30 23850 22593, 29500, 23500, 23513
Fax: +30 23850 24163


The Lynx Mountain Resort 5 Stars

Tel: +30 23854 40900

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