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Sights (13)

Castles, fortresses & fortifications

The Castle of Trikala

It was built by Justinian in the place of the ancient acropolis.

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Lethaios bridge

It is the central bridge of Lethaios, a tributary of the Peneus river, which flows through the city of Trikala.


School of Dorotheos

  It is a stone-built building covered with a wooden roof with tiles of the "French" type. It has a plan in the form of the greek letter "Π" and two floors. Its rooms are appropriate for functionning as a School building: five rooms in the ground floor and storage and auxiliary rooms in the basement.
  Elements characterizing its fronts are the big wooden windows with iron bars and stone frames, the double staircase and the impressively decorated main entrance.
  It was built in 1908 with the kind offer of 1500 golden coins given by the benefactor Dorotheos Scholarios. Entire repair of the building took place in 1991.
  The building belongs to the Municipality of Trikala and is functionning as an Exhibition Room.
  In 1991 it was characterized as a preserved historical monument.

This text is cited Sept 2003 from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture URL below, which also contains image.


Letheos River

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Traditional settlements

Varoussi District

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Religious monuments

Cursum Mosque

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Historical monuments

War Memorial

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Local government WebPages

George Kondyli's tomb

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The Zoo

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Beautiful locations

Prophet Elias grove

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Squares & gardens

Matsopoulou Park

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Central Park

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Useful Information (3)


Police Department of Perifereia Trikala

Tel: +30 24310 38989, 74646

Police Department of Trikala

Tel: +30 24310 227401, 32777

Trikala Police Headquarters

Tel: +30 24310 27304
Fax: +30 24310 39357

Biographies (3)

Men in the armed forces

Sarafis Stephanos

, , 1890 - 1957


Vassilis Tsitsanis


Daramaras Vasilios

Athletics & Sports (1)

Sports clubs

Trikala Auto Racing Club

Tel: +30 24310 28485
Fax: +30 24310 38485

Local governments (2)


Regional Division of Trikala

Tel: +30 24310 27445, 27938
Fax: +30 24310 24370


Trikkei Municipality

Tel: +3024313 51100
Fax: +3024310 35956

Selected tourism enterprises (3)

Travel agencies

Theodorou Travel

Tel: +30 24310 23646, 23564
Fax: +30 24310 30227

Monadikoi Proorismoi

Tel: +30 24310 78334-5


Litheon Hotel 3 Stars

Tel: +30 24310 75690-1, 20690
Fax: +30 24310 37390

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