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Information about the place (2)

 Local government WebPages
Porto Lagos
Scenic fish-village, situated 26 kilometers away from Xanthi, beside Vistonida Lake . It has a small port that serves for the sea transport of the goods of the area. It is also the seat of a fishing association and the host to many fishing boats, both professional and amateurish. Here you can find beautiful fish taverns with fresh fish. In the Porto Lagos lagoon one can visit the chapels of St Nicholas and Virgin Mary which are built on small islets.

This extract is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Xanthi URL below, which contains image.

Prefecture of Xanthi WebPage
http://www.xanthi.gr/english/tour/lagos/portos_lag... (1 img.) English Greek
 Educational institutions WebPages
http://www.xanthi.ilsp.gr/thraki/history/his.asp?p... Greek

Beaches (1)

 Ministry of Environment WebPages
Porto Lagos Beach
Ministry of the Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works WebPage
http://www.thalassa.gr/se.asp?s=66&s=62 English Greek

Places of worship (1)

Monastery of St. Nicolas

Useful Information (4)

 Port Authority
Port Authority of Porto Lago
Tel: +30 25410 96666Fax: +30 25410 96757
 Port information
Lagos Port
Ministry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://www.yen.gr/ports/Html_Files/m_160.asp GreekMinistry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://egov.yen.gr/Folder.2003-07-23.3654/Folder.2... Greek
Police Station of Lagos
Tel: +30 25410 96600
Radio Taxi Xanthi
Tel: +30 25410 29977, 72801-3

Selected tourism enterprises (1)

 Travel agencies
Danae Travel Bureau
Tel: +30 211 3247512Fax: +30 211 3221717
Ferry Departures

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