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  The PELLA Municipal department seems to be the extension of the Ancient city by the same name. Built northeast of the Archaeological site the city acts like a bridge between history and contemporary life style.
  This town was formed as it stands today during WW II mainly through population movements. Refugees from EASTERN THRACE and EASTERN ROMYLIA arrived here and were worked in with the existing population, thus forming a multi-cultural population that developed in order to achieve co-habitation and development. At a later point in time certain Sarakatsani families also moved in the area thus adding new elements to the composition of the population.
  As time went on, the old inhabitants accepted the habits and culture introduced by the newcomers, while newcomers adjusted to the new life style offered to them in the area. A significant part to that effect was played by cultural clubs such as the ANCIENT PELLA and EASTERN ROMYLIA clubs, which by way of various events and activities manage to preserve the traditional customs and cultural elements of the lost homelands, as well as those of the Pella area, with its long lived and much celebrated history.
  The Pella VINEDRESSER CLUB continues to maintain tradition in an effort to reach the old fame of the renowned "Pella wine" in antiquity. The "PELLA THEATRICAL WORKSHOP" is dynamically present with significant shows of foreign and Greek writers.
  The PELLA BLOOD DONOR CLUB constitutes a gesture of humanity and love to all those in need of our help.
  The St. Apostles church has been renovated after a destructive fire in 1950. Every year the city of Pella honors the memory of the Saints with exceptional cultural events and activities.
  In the square holding its name, ANCIENT KRINI represents a landmark of the past long gone.
  Pella functions as a Municipality since 1984 and according to the recent stipulations of the Kapodistrias Law as of 1998, it has been extended to include the communities of N. PELLA, ATHIRA, RACHONA- LIVADITSA, AGROSIKIA and DITIKO.

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Town hall, Municipal district
Postal Code: 57007
Tel +30 23820
Altitude: 60 meters
Longitude: 22o 31' 33.95" E
Latitude: 40o 45' 44.79" N

Population Census

Year Population
1991 2374
1981 2272
527 Kilometers South-southeast (SSE) the capital of the country: ATHENS Town, ATTIKI , GREECE
41 Kilometers East-southeast (ESE) the regional capital THESSALONIKI Town, MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE
Ancient sites within Municipal's District:

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