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  The mountainous complex of Vitsi with the dense beech forests, the rare fauna and flora, constitute one of the most interesting destinations of the visitor in Kastoria. The region has remained untouched by the human activity and maintains the unique beauty of the wild nature. The area, with its exquisite geomorphology and its picturesque neighbourhoods, is a treat place ofro walking and sightseeing. Vitsi is protected on a national level as a shelter for games and constitutes an ideal biotope for the menaced species of bear.
  On the mountain Vitsi and in a distance of 22 km from the city of Kastoria there is an organised ski centre. The ski centre is situated on the road that leads from Kastoria to Florina, on the north side of the village Polykerasos. The road asphalt paved and it is cleared from the snow.
This text (extract) is cited June 2003 from the Prefecture of Kastoria tourist pamphlet.

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Geographical Data

Type of location: Mountaintop
Other Names: VITSI (Mountaintop name)
Postal Code: 53076
Tel +30 23850
Altitude: 2128 meters
Longitude: 21o 19' 31.45" E
Latitude: 40o 45' 02.13" N

Southeast (SE) extension of: VARNOUS, Mountain chain, PRESPES , GREECE

Ski center:
Northwest (NW) PISSODERI, Ski centre, FLORINA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) VITSI, Ski centre, KASTORIA , GREECE

Locations clockwise:
Northeast (NE) at the sides of: DROSSOPIGI, Village, FLORINA , GREECE
Northeast (NE) at the sides of: TRIANTAFYLIA, Village, FLORINA , GREECE
East (E) at the edge of: NYMFEO, Village, FLORINA , GREECE
Southeast (SE) at the sides of: PERIKOPI, Settlement, FLORINA , GREECE
South (S) at the sides of: POLYKERASSO, Village, KASTORIA , GREECE
South (S) at the sides of: MELISSOTOPOS, Village, KASTORIA , GREECE
South (S) at the sides of: STAVROPOTAMOS, Village, KASTORIA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) at the foot of: METAMORFOSSI, Village, KASTORIA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) at the sides of: OXYA, Settlement, KASTORIA , GREECE
Southwest (SW) at the sides of: VYSSINIA, Village, KASTORIA , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

VERNO (Mountain )   West of FLORINA (Town, Town hall)>
FLORINA (Town, Town hall) belongs to FLORINA (Municipality)
FLORINA (Municipality) belongs to FLORINA (Prefecture)
FLORINA (Prefecture) belongs to MAKEDONIA WEST (Region)
MAKEDONIA WEST (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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