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Kessariani is one of the Eastern suburbs of Athens, situated 3 km. east of the centre of Athens, at an altitude of 130m., on the NW slopes of Hymettus. It borders with the Municipalities of Zografou and Athens in the North, with Hymettus in the East, with Vironas and Athens (Pagrati) in the South and in the West with Athens again. The overall acreage of Kessariani today, is approximately 8.500 acres, 7.500 of which is a mountainous area and about 1.000 is populated and common area. The actual populate area is about 780 acres. Kessariani has a triangle scheme and a good street plan, based on the central avenue and the other horizontal and vertical to that, streets. Its population, according to the census in 1991, was 27.000, but it actually exceeds 35.000. The suburb today after going through fire and water, is considered to be an advantageous place to live in, mostly due to the environment and the warmth of its people. The suburb is growing; it has won several fights regained its footing and stood up. Today it attracts many people, it has somewhat changed. But its history, still wanders about everywhere, it lies in every part of it. History that moulds our character and forms our conscience.
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Population Census

Year Population
1991 26701
1981 28972

Geographical Data

Type of location: Town hall, Cathedral house
Postal Code: 16100
Tel +30 210
Altitude: 130 meters
Longitude: 23o 45' 25.4" E
Latitude: 37o 58' 11.63" N

3 Kilometers Northwest (NW) ATHENS, Town, ATTIKI , GREECE

West (W) at the foot of: YMITOS, Mountain, ATTIKI , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

KESSARIANI (Suburb of Athens, Town hall) belongs to KESSARIANI (Municipality)
KESSARIANI (Municipality) belongs to ATHENS, CENTRAL DISTRICT (Prefectural district)
ATHENS, CENTRAL DISTRICT (Prefectural district) belongs to ATHENS (Prefectural seat)
ATHENS (Prefectural seat) belongs to ATTIKI (Region)
ATTIKI (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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