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  Megisti (or Kastellorizo) is the Aegean’s easternmost island. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The Dorians who settled it later constructed fortified acropolises near the present day town and at Palaiokastro, where some ruins can still be seen. The name Kastellorizo comes from its castle, Castello Rosso (or red castle), erected by the Knights of St. John.
  The island’s only settlement is Megisti, otherwise known as Kastellorizo, on the northeast coast. Its houses line the horseshoe - shaped port and climb up the foothills of the mountain behind it. The top of the mountain is crowned by the aforementioned castle, where Lambros Katsonis fought the Turks in 1788. The gracious two-storey neoclassical houses with their brightly painted doors and windows, wooden balconies and tile roots on the waterfront and the majestic domes of the churches, testify to the island’s former prosperity. A photograph in the Archaeological Museum will show you how many hundreds of houses there used to be. Most of them were destroyed by World War II bombs.
  Though there are no beaches as such on the island, you can take a little boat to the particularly beautiful blue grotto of Parasta, and there is excellent swimming from the rocks near the port. Boats are also on hand to take you to the nearby islets of Ro (6 n.mi. west) and Strongili (5 n.mi. southeast). Both islands have wonderful beaches. Ro became famous when its sole inhabitant, the lady of Ro, used to raise the Greek flag there every morning.
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Population Census

Year Population
1991 275
1981 222

Geographical Data

Type of location: Wetland
Other Names: KASTELORIZO (Known as:), KASTELLORIZO (Alternative)
Postal Code: 85111
Tel +30 22460
Altitude: 273 meters
Longitude: 29o 34' 57.85" E
Latitude: 36o 08' 30.29" N
Area: 9,125 km2

72 Nautical miles East (E) of: RODOS, Island, DODEKANISSOS , GREECE

Geographical Boundaries

MEGISTI (Island) belongs to MEGISTI (Municipality)
MEGISTI (Municipality) belongs to RODOS (Province)
RODOS (Province) belongs to DODEKANISSOS (Island complex)
DODEKANISSOS (Island complex) belongs to SOUTH AEGEAN (Region)
SOUTH AEGEAN (Region) belongs to GREECE (Country)

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