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  This is a beautiful small island opposite Gargaliani. It is only one mile from the shore. It has no water and it is inhabited. It is used for the winter grass of the sheep. Its name, Proteas, is from the son of the sea God Poseidon.
  This island is of great archaeological importance. There are ruins of the acropolis of either of Mycenaean or pre classical time with walls and a circling castle. In the point "Grammeno" there are about 30 signposts of wishes for fair voyages throughout the Post Classical, Roman and Byzantine era. These signposts have wishes of the various salesmen who had been there with their boats in order to survive from storms and asked the gods to offer them safety during their voyages. In the island there is also a small chapel dedicated to fair voyaging and Artemis and there has been built a small church to honour Virgin Mary.
  During the thriving of piracy, Proti was used as a hideout by the pirate Katoulias, and it was in Proti that the battleship, "Spetsai" anchored in 1899 to survive from a heavy storm in the Ionian Sea.
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Photo: © Proti Cruises

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Type of location: Port, Settlement, Acropolis, Ancient name, Ancient small town, Ancient island
Postal Code: 24400
Tel +30 27630
Altitude: 184 meters
Longitude: 21o 33' 04.7" E
Latitude: 37o 03' 12.23" N
Belongs to the munipal district of:

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