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Ancient settlements


Archaeological Site of Zagora

Zagora peninsula is accessible after a 45 minutes walk, following the path starting from Stavropeda. The path is signed and the route is very interesting. The ancient settlement of Zagora is situated on the steep plateau (height 160m.) of the peninsula. The excavations, which took place between 1960 and 1972, brought into light a big part of it. The settlement has been alive from 10th century B.C. till the end of the 8th. It was protected by a strong wall, 110m long and 2-4.80m wide, while its height reached 3m. The entrance was through a large gate. Inside the settlement there is a sanctuary, established in 8th century B.C. and functioning till classical age, regardless the settlement was abandoned three centuries earlier. The houses were made of schist and the roofs covered with mud. They are usually constituted of a large rectangular room, with a fireplace in the center, with a separate storage room having supports made of stone for storing clay jars and stable with a yard. It is worth noticing that the same technique was still in use for building farmhouses till the beginning of 20th century. The findings of the excavations, as well as a representation of a house and the sanctuary, are exhibited at Andros Archeological Museum

This text is cited Feb 2003 from the Municipality of Korthi URL below, which contains image.

Ancient towers


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