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Kalogria Lagoon, Strofylia Forest and Lamia Marshes.

Mountan Barbas, Klokos, Selinoundas Gorge

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Kalogria Lagoon

Strofylia forest

  Along the beach, the forest of Strofylia, which owes its name to the extensive fir formations (strofylia) that dominate the area, continues, through centuries, to have a powerful existence. According to some ancient writers, the forests in the area were boundless. But, during the last centuries, they were highly cleared in order to turn into arable land. Strofylia forest presents alternations in its composition as in its sight.
  The pine forest appears either as a pure forest of Pinus hallepensis or as a pure forest of Pinus pinea or as a mixed pine forest.
  Pinus hallepensis presents an extreme ecological interest since it's the most extensive forest in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe. In the pine forest, the mushrooms, in an impressive variety, contribute to the natural recycling of the elements.
  "Accipiter nisus", "Cuculus canorus", "Buteo buteo" e.t.c. are the main species of the bird-fauna in the pine forest, while "Martes foina" and "Mustela nivelis" are the most characteristic mammal species.
  In the inner-land the pine forest meets the forest of the oak tree "Quercus marcolepis". In the oak forest, which is more open and sunny, there is a larger variety of reptiles and birds such as "Carduelis carduelis" , "Fringilla coelebs", "Corvus corone cornix" and "Pica pica".

This text is cited December 2004 from the West Greece Region General Secretariat URL below, which contains image.


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