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Municipalities of the Kapodistrias project

Municipality of Irea

The Municipality of Irea was founded by Law 2539/1997 (Kapodistria Plan), consists of 17 Municipal Districts, the former communities of:
1. Agios Ioannis of Ancient Irea,
2. Arachova,
3. Kakoureika,
4. Kokoras,
5. Liodora,
6. Loutra Irea,
7. Lykouressis,
8. Lyssarea,
9. Paloumba,
10. Pyris,
11. Raftis,
12. Sarakinion Irea,
13. Servos,
14. Chryssochorion,
15. Psarion
and the settlements of:
2. Ochthia of the former community of Aetorachi.
Municipality seat is Paloumba, village of the homonymous municipal district. The first authorities were elected in October 1998. The population was 2947 inhabitants, according to the 1991 census.

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