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Inachos river

  Inachos runs through the fertile territory of the borough of Koutsopodi. Having the same name from ancient times - although the local people call it by the name "Panitsa" - springs from "Lyrkio" about ten Kilometers from the center of the borough and more exactly from the area "Kolibouka", it flows in the Argolic bay. Ancient Greeks considered this river as a person and believed that "he" was the King of the area, father of the royal race of Argos. Being the son of "Ocean" and "Titheos" he was considered to have brought the first cultural elements in the area. His wife's name was "Melia" and his children were "Foroneas", "Aigialeas", "Argos", "Pelasgos", "Io" and "Mycene". His descendants by the name "Inachitae" belonged to the heroic race of "Argos". The waters of "Inachos" flow wastefully in the Argolic bay without being used for the irrigation of the Argolic plain, which suffers an especially keen problem of drought during summer months. The result of this is the uncontrolled drainage of the underground waters with unpredictable future consequences. The problem could be manageable through good willing on the part of the government and through the cooperation of the nearby boroughs. That is, the construction of dams along the river bed of "Inachos" would become possible the reservation of the rainy waters of winter months and also the enriching of underground reservoirs and resources.

This extract is cited Oct 2002 from the Municipality of Koutsopodion URL below.

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