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The Cean Laws

  The laws of Iulis were very celebrated in antiquity; and hence Cean Laws were used proverbially to indicate any excellent institutions. (Comp. Plat. Prot. p. 341, Leg. i. p. 638; Bockh, ad Min. p. 109.) These laws related to the morals of the citizens and their mode of life. One of them quoted by Menander was particularly celebrated: ho me dunamenos zen kalos ou zei kakos.
  It was said that every citizen above 60 years of age was obliged to put an end to his life by poison, for which we find two reasons assigned; one that there might be a sufficient maintenance left for the other inhabitants, and the other that they might not suffer from sickness or weakness in their old age. (Strab. l. c.; Steph. B. s. v. Ioulis; Aelian, V. H. iii. 37; Val. Max. ii. 6. § 8; Heracl. Pont. Pol. c. 9) Other Cean laws are mentioned by Heraclides Pont. (Pol. c. 9) and Athenaeus (xiii. p. 610; comp. Muller, Aeginetica, p. 132).

This extract is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited June 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

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