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Early christian cemetery

The early christian cemetary - Byzantine Hermitage of St Onoufrios, which is carved into the natural rock 3 km. north of Methoni close to the road going to Pylos. The monument was excavated during August 1967 and the year 1968. It is a complex of escavated chambers into the rock and open air graves. The area around the monument has served during ancient and medieval times as a poros quarry his is where construcion material for the building of the Castle of Methoni was used. To the east of the monument and at a distance of 400 meters in the area called Agaki, lies another equally important monument of the area, the Byzantine Temple of St. Bassileios. The vistitor can visit the area easily, observe the monyments and enjoy the magnificent view from the hill.

This text is cited March 2004 from the Municipality of Methoni URL below, which contains image.


On the Agios Nikolaos hill, 2km away from town.

Religious monuments

Ruins of the Enetian church of St. Leon


Kapodistrian School

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