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Fortress of Sigri

  It is located on a cape in the west part of the island, 93 km from Mytilene. It was built by the Turks in 1757 in order to protect the port of Sigri (back then the most important port for the transportation trade) from piracy. Throughout the Turkish occupation the castle constituted a central site of the country town, around which the settlement developed in the area protected by the fortress.
  The structure has small dimensions, an almost square ground-plan and square towers in its four corners. The main gate to the east was closed with double-leaf wooden door cased in iron plates. It is ornamented with a pointed arch - a typical feature of the Arabic architecture - constructed with alternate red and white stones. In the inner part of the fortress, the arched lintels (built with stones or bricks) of the cells that were used for the accommodation of the permanent guard are of similar inspiration.

The Castle of Sigri

It is a small stone castle, built sometime in the 1750s or 1760s in the Ottoman style by the vice admiral of the Ottoman fleet Souleiman Pasha for the protection of the port against pirates. The town is square and has towers in its corners. It has two double gates, east and west, which are covered with iron. It has a top-pointed arch - typical of the Arabic architecture - made of alternating red and white stones. Similar are the arches of the rooms used by the guards. It is in very good condition. The visitor can admire Turkish inscription and decorations. The Castle offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea.

This text is cited Jan 2003 from the Prefecture of Lesvos URL below, which contains images.

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