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Byzantine settlements

Ta Markou

Near the road of Spatounda - Potamia that interconnects the two mountainous areas of Amani and Pelineo, lies Pispilounda. It is a mountainous village by the mountainside of Amani, giving to Pelineo. The archaeological findings of the area are exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Chios town. In about 2km southeast of Pispilounda lies the medieval settlement of "Ta Markou" (meaning buildings belonging to Markos). There are traces of a fortress, a tower, and the church of Panagia, which celebrates in August 15th. This settlement was abandoned after 1928.

Μ. Dimidis, An. Lagou, ed.
This text is cited Sep 2002 from the Municipality of Amani URL below, which contains images.

Castles, fortresses & fortifications


Agio Gala cave

In Village Agio Galas you can find Virgin Mary' church, which is called Panagia Agiogalousena by the local people. It is a church built at the entrance of a cave. Its old carved wooden iconostasis is unique. Two more caves, one larger than the other extend the cave of the church. In the third cave there are numerous stalactites. The cave is very big and has many rooms. You can visit it, but you can only penetrate 200 m. inside it.

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Deserted settlement of old Potamia

POTAMIA (Deserted settlement) CHIOS

Traditional settlements

Deserted settlement of Agios Ioannis

Analogism to Agio Galas, in a top of a mountain you can find the desolated village of Agio Giannis . The view is wonderful. You can see the blue of Aigaio.

  An abandoned village on the Amanis slope. Its location is alluring, offering an infinite view of the Aegean as well as an unforgettable sunset. The homes, basically in ruins, reveal the architecture of the small, poor village homes of the area. The villagers that sowed the barren slopes of Amanis used to say “Spiti oso xoreis kai ktima oso thoreis”, meaning that their homes were built small, just enough to fit all family members, while they were to cultivate as much land as they could in order to survive. The ground floor of the two story homes was used as a stable. There was an inner staircase within the home, which led to the balcony. That way, both floors could be accessed from within.
  The home interior usually had two rooms. The fireplaces today are still maintained and so are the thick shafts located in the center of the room that served to hold up the roof.
  The village was abandoned around 1960.
(text: Giannis Makridakis)
This text is cited December 2003 from the Prefecture of Chios tourist pamphlet (2003).

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