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Castles, fortresses & fortifications


There are remnants of an ancient caslte.

Remnants of the Sordatos castle

This castle was a look-out tower of Proni.


Cave of Drogarati

Nature's splendor is evident in every centimeter of this unique sculpure of earth and rock. The visitor will be impressed at the very moment that he steps into this laboratory of nature, where stalactites and stalagmites have been taking shape and form for thousands of years. The reflection of light on the stalactite surface creates an atmosphere beyond reality. The cave is made up of a down-sloping corridor 44 meters long leading into a main hall 30 X 40 meters. The hall itself is decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, has fantastic acoustics, and has been converted to a concert hall featuring an actual stage at the deep end of the cave. The roof is intact and has developed into a unique natural artpiece. Drogarati Cave is a rare geological phenomenon drawing thousands of visitors every year. The area is host to many small and large subterannean caves and lakes which to date have not been developed to make them accessible for organized tours. Of these, Aggalaki Cave and Zervati Cave are the largest and most significant.

This text is cited Mar 2003 from the Municipality of Sami URL below, which contains images.

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