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The suspension bridge

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The old drawbridge

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Town Hall

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Industrial buldings

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Chalkida Rail Station

Castles, fortresses & fortifications

  On the Viotian coast of Evia, opposite Chalkida, on a hill which overlooks the channel of Evripus, with a wonderful view of the northern and southern Gulf of Evia, one can find the castle of Karababas.
  The castle which stands today, was built by the Turks, during the Venetian-Turkish war which broke out in 1684. the designer was the Venetian renegade Gerolimos Galopo. Its architectural style is therefore European, although some parts remind one of a Turkish castle.
  In the summer of 1688, the Venetians and their allies besieged Chalkida but the Turkish fort of arababa played a decisive role in their failure and ultimate withdrawal.
  The fort which has an irregular shape, occupies the top of the hill.
  It has three ramparts and a large tower. From the eastern rampart one has a breath taking view of Chalkida. With its cannons it controlled the channel of Evripus, the sea walls of Chalkida with its tower. At some, of its points, some large marble monoliths, parts of ancient columns, have been built into the walls. Two other ramparts guard the northern and southern sides of the walls.
  Inside the only building that remains standing today is the church of the Prophet Ilias, built in 1895.
  The most important fortification is the seven-sided western tower which stands a little higher than the walls and ramparts.
  Inside the tower there is vaulted corridor around the outer wall. There follows a second seven-sided inner wall and another domed corridor. In the centre of the seven-sided wall there is a water cistern. The corridors communicate through arches. The whole construction of the tower gives one the impression of a labyrinth. No other castle in Greece has this kind of architectural style.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Evia tourist pamphlet (1997).

The Castle Filla

FYLA (Small town) CHALKIDA
  It is built on the top of a steep, rocky hill in the Lilandian plain and is visible over the whole area.
  A medieval love story is associated with the castle. It belonged to the feudal lord Merito dalle Carceri but it was conquered by the legendary knight Likarius at the beginning of the Frankish occupation in the 13th century A.D. and handed over to the Emperor of Byzantium Michael the seventh.Likarius deserted the Frankish army for the sake of the beautiful widow, Feliza, and using the castle as his base, on behalf of Byzantium, he successively occupied the Frankish castles of Evia. When the Turks occupied Evia in 1470, they destroyed parts of the walls to weaken its defence.
  The northern and western parts of the walls are better-preserved. As you go through the entrance on the northern side you will see the impressive ruins of a large building which was the mansion of the lord. The mansion was two-storeyed and there still remain on the second floor, the slits for the windows which are vaulted and decorated with ceramic tiles in the Byzantine style. Next to the mansion there are ruins of other buildings which served the various other purposes of the castle.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Evia tourist pamphlet (1997).

Castle of Fylla

Gorges & Ravines

Agali Gorge

  The gorge of Agali is located 1000 m. away from the village of St. Athanassios, at the foot of Dirfi. It has a unique wild beauty of craggy and variously coloured rocks and green clad slopes. During spring there is crystal clear water flowing through the ravine that formulates small cascades. Its visitor can see the brooks that violently pass through the craggy rocks and can also see the cave Voidokleftra, which was the dwelling of humans during the Neolithic age.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Evia tourist pamphlet (1999).


The red mansion

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The mansion with the images

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Kriezotis mansion

Local government WebPages

Paleochora hill



Karimbas grave


The monument of Holocaust


Emir Zade mosque

Religious monuments

The synagogue


Arethoussa spring


Enetian Tower


Two Towers




The tidal phenomenon



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