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  Patra, the capital of Achaia, is an important commercial, financial and cultural centre as its port is Greece's gate to Europe. The city is worth exploring for the imposing church of Aghios Andreas, its medieval castle with a wonderful view all the way to the Roumeli Mountains, and the Ancient Odeon the grandest roman building in the region. The city has an Archaeological Museum, a Municipal Art Gallery, and a Folk Art Museum.
  Patra enjoys a lively cultural life. Among the numerous events organised, two deserve special mention: the carnival, which is the great cultural event of the winter, and the International Festival, which draws thousands of visitors in the summer. Near the present-day village of Araxos is the ancient wall of Dimaion; while in the area of Arla is the wellpreserved medieval castle of Gyftokastro.
  East of Patra stands the famous castle of Rio and further along a beautiful stretch of coast lies Aigio. From the square of Psila Alonia one can admire a spectacular view towards the Gulf of Corinth, and the attractive neo-classic buildings of the architect Tsiller. After the shrine of Panaghia Tripiti (patron saint of Aigio), one can visit the local archaeological and folk museums. In the wider region it is worth taking a look at the monastery of Taxiarchon (try the tempting rose-petal sweet), and the pleasant fir forest.
  From Diakofto the famous small funicular railway climbs up the imposing Vouraikos gorge to Kalavrita.
  Alternatively one can take the road and stop off at the monastery of Megalo Spileo which is built into a cave and dates from 326 AD. The monastery has a miracle icon of the Holy Virgin. A little out of Kalavrita one can visit the memorial site of the World War II massacre of its townsmen, the Castle of Oria, and the monastery of Aghia Lavra where the banner of independence was first raised in 1821. The fully equipped ski centre is only 12 km away and turns the sleepy town of Kalavrita into a cosmopolitan place in the winter. The famous Caves of the Lakes are only 16 km away at Kastria. Well worth a visit are the trout farms at Planitero, a forest of plane trees at the springs of the Aroano river.
  On route 111, after Dafni, is the artificial lake of Ladona and picturesque villages such as Vesini and Dechouni. Pretty traditional villages can also be found in the municipality of Aroania.

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