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Castles, fortresses & fortifications

Castle Selino

  In Paleohora, the Venetians built a fortress in 1282 and called it Castle Selino, the name of the district today. The pirate Barbarosa destroyed the fort in a raid in 1539 but the outside of the fort is still well-preserved.

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At this location many Venetian maps present the Fort called Selino - Kasteli. The fort was built in 1280-82 and for its favor all the country was renamed from "Orina" to "Selino". The fort was destroyed by the Romans of the Crete in 1332. It was rebuilt in 1334 by the Venetians and under the Fort they founded a new settlement for workers and merchants, that took the name Vourgos. The pirate Barbarosa destroyed the fort in 1539, but later in 1595 Dolf revamped it.

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Ancient Harbour

  Lissos was originally a harbour of Elyros (near Rodovani), became very rich and had gold currency. It was an important city in the Doric, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Gorges & Ravines

Agia Irini Gorge

  The gorge is 8km long and 45-500 metres deep, in a forested area with steep mountain cliffs, and is easy to walk. In 1866, 1,000 women and children escaped from the Turks through this gorge.

The gorge of Agia Irini in Selino

  On the western side of the White Mountains, in the province of Selino, another gorge opens up, unique in beauties and flora. The gorge has a lot of vertical passes and bears its name after the small village situated in the vicinity of its entrance, at a distance of 46km from Chania.
  The gorge is 7,50km long and its crossing takes 3 hours. At the end, there is a beautiful traditional tourist kiosk.
(Text: Antonis Plymakis)
This text (extract) is cited February 2004 from the Chania Prefecture Tourism Committee tourist pamphlet.

Religious monuments

Saint Georgios church


The Panagia Church

  In the village of Prodromi, in the location Skafidia, is the Byzantine church of the Panagia. The north road from Prodromi passes below the church, which can be seen from far away on the side of the mountain. The church of the Panagia has tooth-brick decorations on its east side and frescoes by Ioannis Pagomenos dated 1347.

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Sotiras Christos Church

  Near Temenia, there is the interesting Byzantine church of Sotiras Christos. The church is a single-aisled church, but with a large narthex at the front, which has the architectual style of a cruciform church with a dome. The church has blind arches which give it better support and more drawing space for the frescoes, which are from the sixteenth to seventeenth century. The church is outside the village, at the foot of the hill of the ancient city of Yrtakina, on a right hand turning from Temenia to Sougia. The trees that surround the church are visible from the main road.

This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Crete TOURnet URL below, which contains images.

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