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Olympic games (33)

Ancient olympic champions, boxing

Heracleides, 93 AD, 218th Olympiad


Ancient olympic champions, boys' boxing


An Alexandrine, Olympic victor, gives food to Eleans in time of famine.

Ancient olympic champions, boys' pancratium

Phaedimus, 200 BC, 145th Olympiad

Ancient olympic champions, boys' wrestling

Cleoxenus, 240 BC, 135th Olympiad

Ancient olympic champions, double foot-race

Apollonius, 296 BC, 121st Olympiad

Ancient olympic champions, pancratium

Titus Flaivius Archibius

He won this contest two times: in the 220th (101 AD) and 221st Olympiad (105 AD).

Marcus Aurelius Demetrius, 153 AD, 233rd Olympiad

Marcus Aurelius Asclepiades

240th Olympiad, 181 AD.

Ancient olympic champions, stadium

Perigenes, 272 BC, 127th Olympiad

Ammonius, 256 BC, 131st Olympiad

Demetrius 228 BC, 138th Olympiad

Crates, 212 BC, 142th Olympiad

Scamansrus, 36 BC, 186th Olympiad

Sarapium, 37 AD, 204th Olympiad

Straton, 77 AD, 214th Olympiad

Apollonis or Heliodorus

218th Olympiad, 93 AD.

Achilles, 101 AD, 220th Olympiad

Theonas Smaragdus, 105 AD, 221st Olympiad

Isarion, 117 AD, 224th Olympiad

Dionysius Sameumys

He won two times in this contest: in the 226th (125 AD) and 129th Olympiad (129 AD).

Lucas, 133 AD, 228th Olympiad

Epidaurus Ammonius, 137 AD, 229th Olympiad

Didymus, 141 AD, 230th Olympiad

Aithales, 165 AD, 236th Olympiad

Eudaemon, 169 AD, 237th Olympiad

Eudaemon (Eudaimon). The name of two victors in the Olympian games. One of them was an Egyptian, and won the prize in boxing, but the year is not known. (Philostr. Her. ii. 6.) The. other was a native of Alexandria, and gained a victory in the foot-race in 01. 237, or A. D. 169.

Heron, 185 AD, 241st Olympiad

Isidorus Artemidorus

He won this contest two times: in the 243rd (133 AD) & 244th Olympiad (197 AD).

Alexander, 201 AD, 245th Olympiad

Heliodorus Trosimadas

He won this contest two times: in the 248th (213 AD) and 249th Olympiad (217 AD).

Dionysius, 269 AD, 262nd Olympiad

Ancient olympic champions, two victories


He won the events of wrestling and pancratium in the 182nd Olympiad (52 BC).

Ancient olympic champions, wrestling

Isidorus, 72 BC, 177th Olympiad

Straton, wrestling (or pancratium)

64B BC, 179th Olympiad

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