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Olympic games (6)
   Ancient olympic champions, wrestling (1)
   Ancient olympic victors, riding-horse (1)
   Ancient olympic champions, four-horse chariot (1)
   Ancient olympic champions, stadium (3)

Olympic games (6)

 Ancient olympic champions, wrestling
Exaenetus, 496 B.C., 71st Olympiad
 Ancient olympic victors, riding-horse
Embedocles, 496 B.C., 71st Olympiad
 Ancient olympic champions, four-horse chariot
Theron, 476 B.C., 76th Olympiad
Pindar, Odes:For Theron of Acragas, Chariot Race, 476 B. C.
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Pindar, Odes
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/ptext?lookup=... English
 Ancient olympic champions, stadium
He won two times in stadium, in the 91st & 92nd Olympiads, in 416 & 412 B.C.
And in the Olympiad previous to the one we are discussing, namely, the Ninety-second, when Exaenetus of Acragas won the "stadion," he was conducted into the city in a chariot and in the procession there were, not to speak of the other things, three hundred chariots each drawn by two white horses, all the chariots belonging to citizens of Acragas.

And in this year among the Eleians the Ninety-first Olympiad was celebrated, that in which Exaenetus of Acragas won the "stadion".
Exaenetus: Perseus Lookup Tool, text search
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/vor?lang=en&f... English
Exaenetus, (Exainetos), of Agrigentum, gained victories in the foot race at Olympia, in B. C. 416 (Ol. 91) and B. C. 412 (Ol. 92.) On his return from Olympia, Exaenetus was escorted into the city by a magnificent procession of 300 chariots, each drawn by two white horses. (Diod. xiii. 34, 82; Aelian, V. H. ii. 8.)

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