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Tel: +30 22840 32388, Fax: +30 22840 31234

  According to the local lore, the village was allegedly the place where Artemis, The well-wisher, namely the goddess who protected those disembarking from the arriving ships, but also the one who brought about favorable resolutions to various troubles, was worshipped. Though this lore made for good stories, it is highly unlikely that is historically accurate, for in ancient time places were Artemis was worshipped were called Artemissia. According to a scholar the name Artemonas, or Artemon, relies on the same linguistic structure as that of Parthenonas, or Parthenon, which itself derives etymologically from Parthena meaning virgin, virginity being one of the attributions of Artemis.
  Artemonas is the birthplace of Nikolaos Chrysogelos, already mentioned above, and of Ioannis Gryparis, a highly esteemed Greek poet and philologist. A municipality in its own right from 1914 until 1998, Artemonas is now part of the single Municipality of Siphnos. One and a half kilometers north of Apollonia, Artemonas is one of the most picturesque villages of Siphnos, thanks to the neoclassical architecture of many of its houses and its beautiful gardens.
  Of the many windmills that used to stand at the top of the hill, today only two are in good condition. This spot is worth a visit for its panoramic view not only for the other villages, including Kastro, but also of the nearby islands. In Artemonas visitors can see the house where the poet Gryparis was born, the churches of the Virgin Mary of Kohi, for its interesting architecture, the Virgin Mary of Samos, an extension to which was added in1788 and where you will find the icon of the Virgin Mary, The Nun, a rare iconic depiction of Mary without the Holy Child and the Virgin Mary of Balis, whose feast day is celebrated on November 21.

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