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Aprovatos Community

Tel: +30 22820 41494


Batsi Community

Tel: +30 22820 41855


Kaparia Community

Tel: +30 22820 61469

  Kapparia owes the name to the plant caper (kappari in greek), which you will find everywhere. The village is situated at the higher point of the fertile Korthi valley and from here originates the river Kapparianos, which flows even during the summer.
   Sights are the dotted pigeon houses (peristeriones), the water-mills and the adjacent to the main village Megalo Chorio, with excellent architecture.
  Moving to the other side of the mountain you will find the serene beach of Plaka, with crystal clear waters, while on the main road don't miss a stop at Agios Georgios in Farali.


Katakilos Community

Tel: +30 22820 41861


Kochylou Community

Tel: +30 22820 61046

  Hanging on the mountain, Kochylou, a real artist's painting, awaits you to visit the neighbouring Kastro Faneromenis (Faneromeni Castle) and to refresh you with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.
   Take a delightful walk in the twisting stonepaths of the village, making a necesary stop for a rest at the coffee-shops. The village area has picturesque springs and beaches, such as Melissa and Lavantara with its caves and access from the sea and isolated Bouros with access from Ormos,on foot. It is worthwhile to walk towards Ormos through the well-maintained path, finding out in this way that the village is not so mountainous as it seems.


Korthi Community

Tel: +30 22820 61354

   Korthi is a vast area in the south part of the Municipality, which includes many villages. Many places are worthwhile seeing.
  Aidonia is a picturesque village, with a nice old spring, the castle-houses (pirgospita) and Alinou Monastery. You will never forget the festivities (panigiri) in Kournous high above Aidonia, on August 29th.
   Visit the traditional village Amonakliou and medieval Mousionas, Agia Triada in Korhi, which was the first school in Andros established before the War of Greek Independence and it has remarkable relics. In Piso Meria you can see the water-mills in Bouro. Have a rest at the scenic square in Korthi and move on to the byzantine churches of Agios Ioannis Theologos and Agios Nikolaos.
  If you feel adventurous you can go to Steno area, where you will compensate with the view and the isolated sandy beaches you will find.
  Don't forget to take a look at Moni Tromarchion and to be present in one of the festivities taking place there in easter and mid-August, and also in Agios Ioannis in Kremmydes at the end of September, where you will go by a fishing-boat.

Paleokastro Community

Tel: +30 22820 61496

  Paleokastro consists of many villages, each one with its own style and architecture.
  Piskopeio with the lovely house architecture, the wind and water mills, the scenic springs and the old Elementary School.
   Lardia with the flowery gardens and the breath-taking view of Ormos and the open sea.
   Gianniseo, high up on the mountain, with Agridiotissa church dominating in the area and the old Elementary School.
   Exo Vouni in a pure mountainous environment. Mesa Vouni with the therapeutic spring Petrenia, the water-mills, the tiny monastery Agios Antonios, the Elementary School and the impressive geological formations, Lefkopodes, with signs of palaeolithic settlement. Don't forget to be there on August 23rd for the traditional Wine Festival.
   Leaving Vouni, go to the remarkable Panachrantou Monastery, where you will admire the impressive interior and you will rest under the thick shadow in the yard, having a rare view of the central part of the island with Chora.


Paleopoli Community

Tel: +30 22820 41521



Syneti Community

Tel: +30 22820 22954

  Syneti, one with Dipotamata, has to show the visitor an impressive natural environment and an unexpected tranquility, by the end of the gorge.
  The coffee-shops of the village, the Elementary School and the scenic stonepaths, add the final touch to a unique landscape.
  The beaches in the area, unique too, are the isolated Lidi in the north and Syneti beach, with the impressive stalactites by the sea and the underwater springs.
  In Syneti it is worth visiting the Cultural Museum "Cultural Heritage of Syneti".



Andros Municipality

Tel: +30 22823 60235

Municipality of Ydroussa

Tel: +30 22820 71250, Fax: +30 22820 71282

Municipality of Korthi

Tel: +30 22823 60300, Fax: +30 22823 (22820) 61419



Association of Andros Municipalities

Tel: +30 22820 23737, Fax: +30 22820 23737

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