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Agios Georgios Community

Tel: +30 23810 61127
  Agios Georgios is the smallest village of the municipality of Alexander the Great with 321 residents according to the census of 1991. It is 20 km away from Giannitsa and 30 km from Edessa. The residents deal with the stockbreeding and agriculture. The most important cultivations are peaches and asparagus. The village has been built around its square, where there is the new two-storied building of the community bureau and the war memorial.
  The square is surrounded by very tall pine trees and grass planted gardens. Agios Georgios is the first village in the municipality, where have been placed mail boxes in front of the community bureau. In the same building there is the community clinic while behind it there are the Primary school and the Kindergarden. Across the road there is the old and beautiful church of Saint Dimitrios. Both the church and the village have great history, which goes back in the beginning of the 19th century.
  In the north-west part of the village, on the way to Liparo there is the Agricultural corporation and the football field of the team P.A.O.K. of Agios Georgios. The Cultural Association "Alexander the Great" is also activated in the village. There is great interest for the unexplored, up today, hills which are outside of the village. It is speculated that at their basis there are hidden tombs of the Hellenistic Era. There is also a lot of green and many trees in the area, as well as the local refreshment stand. Altogether, they create an artificial paradise, perfect place for resting and excursions.

Drossero Community

Tel: +30 23810 96167
  Drossero is built in a distance of 1.5 Km from Gypsohori, at the foot of mountain Paiko. The population is 558 residents according to the census of 1991. Following the left entrance of the village, we see the building of the Agricultural co-operation of Drossero, the strongest co-operation of the municipality.
  In a distance of 100m, in a big plot there is the two-storey local building, where there is the Kindergarten. In the past, the first floor was the guest room. The Kindergarten has one room with a lot of school equipment, capable to cover the needs of six children of the village and the kindergartener who takes care of them.
  Walking along the road, on the left there is the church of Saint Constantinos and Saint Eleni. In the center of the village there are gathered all the cafes and the rest social services. In the two-storey building of the community bureau there is the veterinary clinic and the community clinic. In the same area there is the Primary School and the building of the Cultural Association of Drossero "Philippos". Opposite, there is the building where the Police Station was sheltered. On the right entrance of the village, in a 200m distance, there is the football field of the team "Megas Alexandros". In the land of the community of Drossero, a narrow stripe of forest is included. It covers 9.000 m² at the foot of Paiko mountain.

Galatades Community

  The village of Galatades is built two kilometers northern of Egnatia Street, on the road axis of Giannitsa - Krya Vrysi. It is the biggest village of the area and the headquarters of the Municipality of Alexander the Great. Its residents are farmers and it consists the center of the asparagus production in Greece. At the entrance of the village there is a square dedicated to Philipimin Gratsios, the man who brought the asparagus plantation in Galatades, in the early '70s and contributed to the village's progress.
  Going through the main road of the village, we pass by the Cultural Association "Philippos" of Galatades. In the old Town Hall function the Open Protection Center for the Elderly (KAPI), the Community Clinic and the Municipal Developing Service (DEAMA). Next to it, is situeted the contemporary building of the Town Hall, headquarters and heart of the Municipality, where all the services of the Municipality are sheltered. Behind the Town Hall there are the Nursery School and the Kindergarten. Going on to the road of Krya Vrysi, we reach at a park of 50 Km², which has recently been reformed, with paving, plantations and playground for children. Across the road there is the building of the Primary School, in the same yard with the Church of Saint Athanasios.
  On the right side of the road, there is the football court which is also used for cultural activities. Within a short distance are situated the installations of the Agricultural Association of Galatades, one of the most dynamic in the area. It has ice chambers and sorting out rooms, for trading the asparagus abroad and the peaches to the local manufacturing units. At the end of the village, on the right side there is the playfield of the football team "Olympiakos" of Galatades.

Karyotissa Community

Tel: +30 23820 41333
  The village of Kariotissa with population 2,087 residents (census 1991) was the greater village of the Pella Prefecture. However, the last few years the population reduces. It is situated in the northeastern edge of the municipality of Alexander the Great and it is 7 Km away from Giannitsa. The distance from Thessaloniki is 58Km and from Edessa 48Km. The Egnatia Via, the main road axis Thessaloniki-Edessa, goes through the village. On the southern side of Egnatia Via, in the center of the village, it is situated its square, with grass planted gardens and trees. Cafeterias, restaurants, cafes, taverns and every kind of shop are interspersed along the road, offering to the travelers an ideal place for resting and supply.
  In the square rises the two-storey building of the community bureau, of which in the ground floor are sheltered the community clinic and TOEB-s offices. At its side, there is the building where the Police Station of Kariotissa was sheltered till a few years ago, and the building of the cultural association "Akrites". Across the way, there is the Post Office and in the end of the square, under the shadow of a plane-tree, there is the taxi station. At the entrance of the village we see the Pilot High School of Kariotissa, with a remarkable library, and a little farther the chapel of Agia Paraskevi. The road at the left leads to the Municipal Stadium of Kariotissa, playground of the football team AEK of Kariotissa. The church of the Assumption of the Virgin and the Primary School are situated a few meters southern of the main road. The well laid out streets of the village cause a sensation to visitors, who characteristically say "there everything is flat and the streets are vertical between them".

Liparo Community

Tel: +30 23810 61228
  Liparo is situated in a flat area among the villages Kalivia - Agios Georgios - Galatades - Aspro - Esovalta. It is 10m above sea level and according to the 1991 census, it has 550 residents. The distance from Giannitsa is 18 Km and from Edessa 25 Km. The village has a very important history and two churches of which, the one dates back to 606 A.D. In 29 of August the village celebrates the decapitation of John the Baptist organizing a festival and cultural demonstrations.
  The main occupation of the residents is the cultivation of asparagus, peaches and vegetables in greenhouses. Some residents deal with the stockbreeding. Liparo has a good street plan, which was designed in 1935. Along the main floodlighted street with the traffic island, are gathered all the services of the village. In the building of the community bureau are gathered the services of the Agricultural Co-operation, the Agricultural Association and the community clinic.
  Across the road there is the municipal refreshment stand. In a short distance there are the church of Apostle Paul, the Primary School and the Kindergarten. Near the village, on the way to Galatades, there is the building of the State Vehicle Checking (KTEO) which is the only one in Pella Prefecture. On the west side of the village, on the way to Aspro, is situated the playground of the football team Aris of Liparo.

Palefyto Community

Tel: +30 23820 41444
  Palefito is situated one Km away from Egnatia Street, on its right side. It is a modern village with 1446 residents and powerful organizations. At the entrance of the village there is the fully equipped building of the Agricultural Co-operation, which was founded in 1966 and has 576 members. Apart from the supply of its members with fertilizers and the trade of their products, the Co-operation has undertaken the collection of deposits on behalf of the Agrarian Bank of Giannitsa.
  In the town square of the village, are situated the buildings of the cultural association "Pyrsos" , the community bureau and the community clinic. Plenty of cafes and taverns are gathered at that place. Across the road there is the taxi station. Behind the square is the recently built church of Saint Nicolaos. On the left side of the main road, on the way to Trifili, there is the open theatre, which was built recently at the point where the old football field used to be. The new football playground of Aris of Palefito is built on the eastern side of the village, behind the Primary School. Next to them, there is the building of the Kindergarten and the Nursery School.

Trifylli Community

Tel: +30 23810 94209
  At the 62nd km of the National road Thessaloniki-Edessa there is the crossing to Trifili. The village is located to the right in one kilometer's distance. The population rises to 543 residents. At the entrance of the village there is the stone-built Primary School, which was built in 1950 and founded by the King of Greece Pavlos. The previous school building was burnt during the civil war. Nowadays, the Primary School does not function in Trifili and the students study in the school of Palefyto. For the last two years, the Kindergarden has been sheltered in. Although it is one-seat school, it uses both classrooms of the building. Twelve children from the village study in it and the staff is consisted of one kindergartener.
  On the left side of the main road, there is the two-storied building of the community with flower planted gardens and lots of trees. Here are the headquarters of the Cultural Association "Dimokritos", the K.A.P.I. and the community clinic. Within a short distance, there is a square with a fountain and many trees. Across the way, there is the exquisite church of distance, there is a square with a fountain and many trees. Across the way, there is the exquisite stone-built church of "Ypapanti of the Lord" dedicated to the day priest Simon welcomed and met Christ 40 days after His birth. At the end of the village, on the road to Gypsohori, there is the football field of the local team Iraklis of Trifili.

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