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Ancients' feasts, games and rituals (4)

Festivals for gods and gods' deeds


GORTYS (Ancient city) HERAKLIO
Ellotia (Hellotia). A festival of the same name was celebrated in Crete in honour of Europa. The hellotis, from which the festival derived its name, was, according to Seleucus, a myrtle garland twenty cubits in circumference, which was carried about in the procession at the festival of the Ellotia.


KNOSSOS (Minoan settlement) CRETE
Corybantica (Korubantika). A festival and mysteries celebrated at Cnossus in Crete, in commemoration of one Corybas, who, in common with the Curetes, brought up Zeus, and concealed him from his father Cronus in that island. Other accounts say that the Corybantes, nine in number, independent of the Curetes, saved and educated Zeus. A third legend states that Corybas was the father of the Cretan Apollo who disputed the sovereignty of the island with Zeus. But to which of these three traditions the festival of the Corybantica owed its origin is uncertain, although the first, which was current in Crete itself, seems to be best entitled to the honour. All that we know of the Corybantica is, that the person to be initiated was seated on a throne, and that those who initiated him formed a circle and danced around him. This part of the solemnity was called thronosis or thronismos.

This text is from: Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Cited Nov 2003 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


KYDONIA (Ancient city) CHANIA
A festival celebrated at Cydonia, in the island of Crete, at which the slaves enjoyed complete freedom, and were waited upon by their masters, the usage suggesting the Roman Saturnalia. Other feasts in honour of Hermes were held at Athens in the gymnasia, at Pheneos, Tanagra, Pellene, etc.


A festival with sacrifices, celebrated at Cydonia in Crete, in honour of Artemis, surnamed Diktunna, from diktuon, "a hunter's net". Particulars respecting its celebration are not known. Artemis Diktunna was also worshipped at Sparta and at Ambrysos in Phocis

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