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Epaphus born beside the, father of Memphis and of Anchinoe, called Egypt by Homer, thought to be fed by water of Mt. Atlas, or by Euphrates, flows through lake in upper Ethiopia, at Thebes, falls into sea at Pharos, Canopic mouth of, crocodiles and hippopotamuses of, persea tree loves water of, images of Nile made of black stone, lower Egypt perhaps the deposit of the Nile, height of inundation, Delta and Nile mouths, theories of the Nile flood, its rising caused by tears of Isis, known course of the river, its upper waters, and coraparison of Nile and Danube, Nile flood and fish, flood below Memphis, Min's embankment, Nile connected with the lake of Moeris, Necos' canal from Nile to Red Sea, Nile mouths all closed to trade except one, formerly, Nile one of the boundaries of the world, Nile and Danube compared in respect of volume of water, source of the Nile unknown, a priesthood of the Nile.

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