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And the Troad, Rhesus at, Herakles at, the war of, Herakles rescues Hesione from a sea monster at, visited by the wrath of Apollo and Poseidon for the faithlessness of Laomedon, named after Tros, besieged, dying Alexander (Paris) carried to, expedition of Herakles against, not to be taken without Achilles, Achilles goes to, Alexander comes with Helen to, Agamemnon musters an army against, Trojan war, to be taken after ten years, Telephus shows the Greeks the way to, the Greeks make sail for, not to be taken without the bow of Herakles, Philoctetes comes to, Helenus leaves, not to be taken while the Palladium was within the walls, the sons of Theseus come to, laid waste by the Greeks, settlements of dispersed Trojans, Hermione betrothed to Neoptolemus at, Elephenor dies in, Amphilochus comes later to, Otanes the Persian governor in district of, Hymaees the Persian dies there, Xerxes desires to see the citadel of Priam, the Locrians send maidens to propitiate Athena at.

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