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For both here (in Corinth) and in Sicyon the arts of painting and modelling and all such arts of the craftsman flourished most. (Strabo 8.6.23)
In earlier times Sicyon was called Mecone, and in still earlier times Aegiali, but Demetrius rebuilt it upon a hill strongly fortified by nature about twenty stadia (others say twelve) from the sea; and the old settlement, which has a harbor, is a naval station. The River Nemea forms the boundary between Sicyonia and Corinthia. Sicyon was ruled by tyrants most of the time, but its tyrants were always reasonable men, among whom the most illustrious was Aratus, who not only set the city free, but also ruled over the Achaeans, who voluntarily gave him the authority, and he increased the league by adding to it both his native Sicyon and the other cities near it. But Hyperesia and the cities that come in their order after it, which the poet mentions, and the Aegialus as far as Dyme and the boundaries of Eleia already belonged to the Achaeans. (Strabo 8.6.25)

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Borders on Achaia, W. of Corinth, its history and kings, city described, harbour of, district of Sicyon formerly called Asopia, city at first called Aegialea, the mad daughters of Proetus driven down to, Antiope takes refuge at, captured by Lycus, Agamemnon and Menelaus taken by their nurse to, subject to Mycenae, falls into hands of Dorians, old city built in plain, later city built by Demetrius beside site of old acropolis, attacked by Thebans and Eleans, Cleisthenes' despotism there, delivered from tyranny by Aratus, nearly depopulated by earthquake, quarrel between Sicyon and Argos, Sicyonians in the Greek fleet, in the force at the Isthmus, in Pausanias' army, their losses at Mycale.

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