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History, formerly called Pelasgia, boundaries, highest mountain of, kings, cities of A. abandoned to found Megalopolis, part of A. conquered by Orestes, Oresteum in, Lycurgus in, Atalanta in, the hearth of Telephus in, ravaged by a bull, traversed by the mad daughters of Proetus, Stymphalus in, the Cretan bull roams over, Herakles in, Arcas brought up in, Cyllene in, booty of cattle driven from, Mantinea in, its relations with Sparta, a Pelasgian people, preservation of thc cult of Demeter, Cleomenes in Arcadia, Arcadian settlements in Cyprus, Arcadians at Thermopylae, Arcadian deserters to Xerxes, Arcadians in the Greek army on the Isthmus.

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