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Newest city of Arcadia, its history, founded by Epaminondas, formed by union of cities, besieged by Agis, king of Sparta, captured by Cleomenes, battle of, description of the city, intersected by Helisson, its theater the largest in Greece, boundaries of its territory, its ruin and desolation, image of.


For the People of Megalopolis

But if the Lacedaemonians act unjustly and insist on fighting, then, on the one hand, if the only question to be decided is whether we shall abandon Megalopolis to them or not, just indeed it is not, but I for my part agree to allow it and to offer no opposition to the people who shared the same dangers with us; but, on the other hand, if you are all aware that the capture of Megalopolis will be followed by an attack on Messene, I ask any of those who are now so hard on the Megalopolitans to tell me what he will advise us to do then.

But I shall get no answer. Yet you all know that, whether these speakers advise it or not, you are bound to help the Messenians, both for the sake of your sworn agreement with them and for the advantage that you derive from the preservation of their city. Just ask yourselves at what point you would begin to make your stand against Lacedaemonian injustice with more honor and generosity--with the defence of Megalopolis or with the defence of Messene?

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