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When the Chersonese on the Hellespont was made subject to Athens, Miltiades son of Cimon accomplished the voyage from Elaeus on the Chersonese to Lemnos with the Etesian1 winds then constantly blowing; he proclaimed that the Pelasgians must leave their island, reminding them of the oracle which the Pelasgians thought would never be fulfilled. The Hephaestians obeyed, but the Myrinaeans would not agree that the Chersonese was Attica and were besieged, until they too submitted. Thus did Miltiades and the Athenians take possession of Lemnos.

This extract is from: Herodotus. The Histories (ed. A. D. Godley, 1920), Cambridge. Harvard University Press. Cited Febr 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains comments & interesting hyperlinks.


The inhabitants of Hephaestia honour Lycophron

During that time no one there brought an action against me, either private or public. In fact I was crowned three times by the inhabitants of Hephaestia and as many times more by those of Myrine. These facts should satisfy you, in the present trial, that the charges against me are false. No man can be good in Lemnos if he is bad in Athens, and you had no poor opinion of me when you dispatched me there and made me responsible for two of your own cities.

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CHRYSSI (Homeric island) LEMNOS (LIMNOS)
No long sail from Lemnos was once an island Chryse, where, it is said, Philoctetes met with his accident from the water-snake. But the waves utterly overwhelmed it, and Chryse sank and disappeared in the depths.

Lemnian women



Fall of Hephaestus on, Dionysus carries Ariadne to, Philoctetes put ashore in, Philoctetes fetched from, off the Troad, colonised by the Minyae, its Pelasgian inhabitants, bereft of men and ruled by a queen, the Argonauts at, their crime and penalty, Minyans expelled from L. by Pelasgians, Lemnians in Peloponnese, people of L. dedicate image of Athena.

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Tablet of Lemnian medicinal earth certified as such by bearing the impression of the seal of the Lemnian priestess of Artemis
Another name for Lemnian earth, so called because sold in sealed packets, Plin. 35, 6, 14, § 33

Lemnia Terra, also called Sigillata. A species of reddish earth found in Lemnos, and highly esteemed down to modern times for its supposed virtues as an antidote against snake-bites and as a remedy for dysentery. It was gathered on only one day of the year (Aug. 6) with religious ceremonies.

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