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Kithairon (Cithaeron)

Mountain of Boeotia, the mountain range between Attica and Boeotia, northern foothills of Cithaeron and passes over the range held by the Greeks against Mardonius, the lion of, killed by Herakles, nymphs of, pass over, Actaeon devoured by his dogs on, Theban women rave in Bacchic frenzy on, Pentheus torn to pieces there, the children of Niobe killed on, the Seven against Thebes at.

PLATEES (Ancient city) VIOTIA


City of Boeotia, its boundaries, its history, Damasistratus, king of, captured by Lacedaemonians and Peloponnesians under Archidamus, captured by Thebans, burnt by the Persians, passim in connection with military operations there, battle of Plataea, list of Greeks who fought at battle of Plataea, trophies of battle of Plataea dedicated at Olympia and Delphi, Plataeans fight at Marathon and are buried at Marathon, names of Plataeans on tombstone at Athens, Plataeans exiled, but afterwards restored by Philip, dedicate statue of ox at Delphi.

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