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Bathys Limen

Then one comes to a large harbor, which is called Bathys Limen; then to Aulis, a rocky place and a village of the Tanagraeans. Its harbor is large enough for only fifty boats; and therefore it is reasonable to suppose that the naval station of the Greeks was in the large harbor.

Perseus Encyclopedia

Plane-tree at Aulis

Plane-tree at Aulis mentioned by Homer in the Iliad.(Paus. 9.19.7).


Aulis - Hesiod, Works and Days

If ever you turn your misguided heart to trading and wish to escape from debt and joyless hunger, I will show you the measures of the loud roaring sea, though I have no skill in sea faring nor in ships;for never yet have I sailed by ship over the wide sea, but only to Euboea from Aulis where the Achaeans once stayed through much storm when they had gathered a great host from divine Hellas for Troy, the land of fair women.



When the ambassadors arrived there, Pelopidas enjoyed a great advantage with the Persian. For he was able to say that his people were the only ones among the Greeks who had fought on the side of the King at Plataea, that they had never afterwards undertaken a campaign against the King, and that the Lacedaemonians had made war upon them for precisely the reason that they had declined to go with Agesilaus against him and had refused to permit Agesilaus to sacrifice to Artemis at Aulis, the very spot where Agamemnon, at the time when he was sailing forth to Asia, had sacrificed before he captured Troy.

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