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Eleian country

Strabo mentions that the Eleian country occupied the seabord between Achaea and Messenia and extended inland to Arcadia. In ancient times it was divided into several domains but afterwards into two, the land of the Epeans and the land of Nestor. Homer calls the land of the Epeans by the name of Elis (Od. 15.298) and the land of Nestor Pylos, where the Alpheus river flows (Il. 5.545, Od. 3.4, Strab. 8,3,1).
These districts (that were under Nestor and had passed into Eleians possession) were Pisatis (of which Olympia was a part), Triphylia, and the country of the Cauconians. The Triphylians were so called from the fact that three tribes ( "Tri," three, and "phyla," tribes) of people had come together in that country--that of the Epeians, who were there at the outset, and that of the Minyans, who later settled there, and that of the Eleians, who last dominated the country. But some name the Arcadians in the place of the Minyans, since the Arcadians had often disputed the possession of the country; and hence the same Pylus was called both Arcadian Pylus and Triphylian Pylus.


The Wealth of Elis

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