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City of Acarnania, captured by Messenians of Naupactus, evacuated by them.

Calydon (Kalydon)

City in Aetolia, Oeneus king of, the Calydonian boar, Herakles woos Deianira at, Tydeus flees from, Alcmaeon goes to, spring Callirhoe at, population transferred by Augustus to Nicopolis, Calydonians worship Artemis above all gods.



City in Aetolia, severed from Achaean confederacy.



the village Halicyrna, above which thirty stadia in the interior, lies Calydon


As for cities, those of the Acarnanians are.. Oeneiadae, which is also on the river--the old city, which is equidistant from the sea and from Stratus, being uninhabited, whereas that of today lies at a distance of about seventy stadia above the outlet of the river.


Then one comes to Oeniadae and the Achelous; then to a lake of the Oeniadae, called Melite, which is thirty stadia in length and twenty in breadth; and to another lake, Cynia, which is twice the size of Melite, both in length and in breadth; and to a third, Uria, which is much smaller than those. Now Cynia empties into the sea, but the others lie about half a stadium above it (Strab. 10,2,21).



Aetolia also has a very large mountain, Corax, which borders on Oeta; and it has among the rest of its mountains, and more in the middle of the country than Corax, Aracynthus, near which New Pleuron was founded by the inhabitants of the Old, who abandoned their city, which had been situated near Calydon in a district both fertile and level, at the time when Demetrius, surnamed Aetolicus, laid waste the country; above Molycreia are Taphiassus and Chalcis, rather high mountains, on which were situated the small cities Macynia and Chalcis, the latter bearing the same name as the mountain, though it is also called Hypochalcis.

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