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  Many ways lead to Fourni, all of them across the water. Your only chance to hitch a helicopter ride is to fall in need of a hospital.
  Several times a week the Piraeus-Samos car-ferries will be put into Fourni. However, their timetables do not tie up with flight schedules at either Athens or Samos airport, so arrange your plans to hang around for a night or two as you'll discover the ferry leaving just as you arrive at the quayside...
  Hydrofoils along the Samos-Patmos route include Fourni in their schedule in summer once or twice a week. While this is the fastest way to cross the seas, these old Russian-designed yellow-blue sporty vessels need the occasional unscheduled maintenance job, most likely just as you were planning to book a fare. Note: Stormy seas keep hydrofoils moored in port...
  Spring 2004 the sister ships "Samos Sky" and "Samos Sun" were put into service. "Samos Sky" connects everyday - bar on sunday - the island and Ikaria. "Samos Sun" drives three times a week to Karlovassi on Samos or at stormy weather to Marathokampos...

This text (extract) is cited March 2005 from the Municipality of Fourni Korseon URL below.

http://www.fourni.com/english/3/3.htm (6 img.) English

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