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  Eurymedon (Eurumedon), a river flowing in a due southern direction through Pisidia and Pamphylia, in which latter country it was navigable; but its entrance is now closed by bars. It empties itself into the Mediterranean, a little below Aspendus. (Respecting the famous battle on the river Eurymedon, in B.C. 466, see Thuc. i. 100; Died. Sic. xi. 61; comp. Xenoph. Hell. iv. 8; Dionys. Perieg. 852; Strab. xiv. p, 667; Arrian, Anab. i. 27; Liv. xxxvii. 23; Plin. v. 26, and numerous other passages.) Its modern name is Capri-Su, and near its sources Sav-Su.



Leucolla (Leukolla), a promontory on the south-east of Pamphylia, near the Cilician frontier. (Plin. v. 26; Liv. xxvii. 23; Pomp. Mela, i. 15.) In the Stadiasmus Maris Magni ( § § 190, 191) it is called Leucotheium (Leukotheion). Mela erroneously places it at the extremity of the gulf of Pamphylia, for it is situated in the middle of it; its modern name is Karaburnu. (Leake, Asia Minor, p. 196.)

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