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Mount Apesas

Above Nemea is Mount Apesas, where they say that Perseus first sacrificed to Zeus of Apesas. (Paus. 2.15.3)

Apesas. The mountain was also called Aphesas because the horse races in the Nemean Games began at its base. The Nemean lion was said to have roamed its slopes and the high summit was known also in legend as the place where Perseus first sacrificed to Zeus Apesantios. (The chief ancient sources are Hes. Theog. 327-31; Plin. HN 4.17; author of de fluv. 18.5; Paus. 2.15.3; Stat. Theb. 3.461; Etym. Mag. and Steph. Byz.) The remains of the great ash altar of Zeus are located near the E edge of the summit and pottery sherds in the vicinity date from the Geometric period to the 4th c. B.C. The mountain rises above the Nemea river and separated the Corinthia from the territory of Kleonai.

Apesas (Fuka), a mountain in Peloponnesus above Nemea in the territory of Cleonae, where Perseus is said to have been the first person, who sacrificed to Zeus Apesantius. (Leake, Morea, vol. iii. p. 325; Ross, Peloponnes, p. 40.)


Spring Adrastea

Spring at Nemea.



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