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A little beyond the city is a spring, and by the spring grows a large and beautiful plane tree. They call it Menelais, saying that the plane was planted by the spring by Menelaus, who came to the spot when he was collecting his army against Troy. To-day they give the name Menelais to the spring as well as to the plane.

Mountain peaks

Mount Cnacalus

Mountain of Arcadia.

Ancient place-names


  Oligyrtus (Oligurtos, Polyb. iv. 11, 70; Onogurtos, Plut. Cleom. 26), a mountain and fortress situated in a pass between Stymphalus and Caphyae. Leake places it on a small advanced height of Mt. Skipezi, projecting into the Stymphalian plain, on the crest of which are the foundations of a Hellenic wall, formed of large quadrangular stones. (Leake, Morea, vol. iii. p. 114; Boblaye, Recherches, &c. p. 154; Curtius, Peloponnesos, vol. i.p. 217.)

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