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THESPROTIA (Ancient country) EPIRUS


  Cheimerium (Cheimerion), a promontory and harbour of Thesprotia in Epeirus, between the rivers Acheron and Thyamis, and opposite the southern point of Corcyra. In the two naval engagements between the Corcyraeans and Corinthians just before the Peloponnesian war, Cheimerium was the station of the Corinthian fleet. Leake supposes the promontory of Cheimerium to be C. Varlam, and the harbour that of Arpitza. (Thuc. i. 30, 46; Strab. vii. p. 324; Paus. viii. 7. ยง 2; Steph. B. s. v.; Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. p. 5.)


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