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Peuce island

MISSIA (Ancient country) THRAKI
  Peuce (Peuke, Ptol. iii. 10. § 2; Strab. vii. p. 305), an island of Moesia Inferior, formed by the two southernmost mouths of the Danube. It derived its name from the abundance of pine-trees which grew upon it. (Eratosth. in Schol. Apollon. iv. 310.) It was of a triangular shape (Apollon. l. c.), and as large as Rhodes. By Martial (vii. 84. 3) it is called a Getic island; by Valerius Flaccus (viii. 217) a Sarmatian one. It has been identified with the modern island of Piczina or St. George, between Badabag and Ismail; but we must recollect that these parts were but little known to the ancients, and that in the lapse of time the mouths of the Danube have undergone great alterations. (Plin. iv. 12. s. 24; Mela, ii. 7; Avien. Descr. Orb. 440; Dion. Perieg. 401; Claud. IV Cons. Honor. 630, &c.)

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited August 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


Tauresium (Tauresion, Procop. de Aed. iv. 1. p. 266), a place in Moesia Superior, near Scupi or Justiniana Prima. It was situated in. the Haemus, not far from the borders, and was the birthplace of the emperor Justinian. (Cf. Gibbon, vol. v. p. 79, ed. Smith.)


Lederata or Laederata (Lederata and Literata), a fortified place in Upper Moesia, on the high road from Viminacium to Dacia, on the river Morgus. It was a station for a detachment of horse archers. (Procop. de Aed. iv. 6; Tab. Peut.; Notit. Imp., where it is called Laedenata.) Ruins of ancient fortifications, commonly identified with the site of Lederata, are found in the neighbourhood of Rama.


  Margus (Margos, Strab. vii. p. 318; Margis, Plin. iii. 26. s. 29), an important river of Moesia, which flows into the Danube, near the town of Margum, now the Morava. Strabo says (l. c.) that it Was also called Bargus, and the same appears in Herodotus (iv. 44) under the form of Brongus (Brongos). It is the same river as the Moschius (Moschios) of Ptolemy (iii. 9. § 3).

Cossinites river

THRAKI (Ancient country) BALKANS
  Cossinites (Kossinites), a Thracian river, flowing probably by the town of Consintus, and emptying itself into the Aegean. (Aelian, H. A. xv. 25; Itin. Ant. p. 321.)


  Siracellae (Itin. Ant. p. 332; Ib. p. 333, Siracelle; It. Hier. p. 602, Sirogellae; Tab. Pent. Syrascellae; and in Geog. Rav. iv. 6, and v. 12, Syrascele), a place in Thrace, on the road from Trajanopolis to Callipolis, and on the main road to Constantinople. Its distance from Trajanopolis is variously given in the Itin. Ant., and the readings of the MSS. differ,--one stating the distance to be as much as 59,000 paces, another as little as 50,000. According to Mannert (vii. p. 205), its site is near the modern Chachan or Rusqueur (?) of P. Lucas (Trois Voy. p. 47); but Richard places it near Zerna, and Lapie near Malgara or Migalgara; the uncertainty of the Itinerary above mentioned being probably the cause of this discrepancy.

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited September 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


Subzurada a place in Thracia, on the road from Philippopolis to Hadrianopolis (Itin. Ant. pp. 137, 231). It is called Castozobra or Castra Iarba in the Itin. Hieros. (p. 568), and Kastraiarba by Procopius (de Aed. iv. 11. p. 305, ed. Bonn), and still retains the name of Castro Zarvi, or simply Zarvi. It has, however, also been identified with Hirmenly and Coiunlou. In the Tab. Peut. it is called Castra Rubra.

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