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Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuaries of Aphrodite

For the Cnidians hold Aphrodite in very great honor, and they have sanctuaries of the goddess; the oldest is to her as Doritis (Bountiful), the next in age as Acraea (Of the Height), while the newest is to the Aphrodite called Cnidian by men generally, but Euploia (Fair Voyage) by the Cnidians themselves.

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Delphi, Treasury of the Knidians (XXV)

Site: Delphi
Type: Treasury
Summary: Temple-like building; in the southern half of the Sanctuary of Apollo, east of the point where the Sacred Way 1st curves and ascends to the northeast.
Date: ca. 565 B.C. - 555 B.C.
Period: Archaic

Small Ionic building, with cella opening northeast onto a pronaos distyle in antis. Caryatids between the antae.

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