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Monuments reported by ancient authors (4)

Ancient sanctuaries

YPSI (Ancient location) LAKEDEMON

Sanctuary of Asclepius and of Artemis Daphnaea

Some thirty stades from the Apollo is a place Hypsoi, within the Spartan frontier. Here is a sanctuary of Asclepius and of Artemis called Daphnaea (of the laurel).

Ancient temples

Temple of Artemis Dictynna

By the sea is a temple of Artemis Dictynna on a promontory, in whose honor they hold an annual festival.


ALESSIA (Ancient city) LACONIA

Hero-shrine of Lacedaemon

Here they have a hero-shrine of Lacedaemon, the son of Taygete.



Shrine of Zeus Messapeus

On the plain is a precinct of Zeus Messapeus, who is surnamed, they say, after a man who served the god as his priest.

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