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Monuments reported by ancient authors (2)

Ancient temples

Temple of Heracles

In Hyettus is a temple of Heracles, from whom the sick may get cures. There is an image not carefully carved, but of unwrought stone after the ancient fashion.

Ancient oracles

Oracle of Heracles

One was at Hyettus in Boeotia (Pausan. ix. 36, § 6); another at Bura, in Achaia. Those who consulted it prayed and put their questions, and then cast four dice painted with figures, and the answer was given according to the position of these figures (Pausan. vii. 25, § 6). Another oracle of Heracles was at Gades (Dio Cass. lxxvii. 20). Like Asclepius, Heracles was almost to be reckoned as a god; had he been merely the Greek son of Zeus and Alcmena, this would not have been so: but he was identified with foreign deities, such as Melkart.

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