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Monuments reported by ancient authors (9)

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Dionysus

At Orchomenus is a sanctuary of Dionysus.

Sanctuary of the Graces

The oldest sanctuary is one of the Graces. They worship the stones most, and say that they fell for Eteocles out of heaven. The artistic images were dedicated in my time, and they too are of stone.

Sanctuary of Menippe & Metioche

...They were changed into comets by Pluto and Persephone, and had a sanctuary near Orchomenus (Ovid, Met.xiii. 685). [p. 1031]

Ancient tombs

Grave of Minyas

(Paus. 9.38,3).

Grave of Hesiod

(Paus. 9,38,3-4).

Ancient temples

Temple of Heracles

Seven stades from Orchomenus is a temple of Heracles with a small image.

Ancient statues

Likeness of ghost

About Actaeon the Orchomenians had the following story. A ghost, they say, carrying a rock1 was ravaging the land. When they inquired at Delphi, the god bade them discover the remains of Actaeon and bury them in the earth. He also bade them make a bronze likeness of the ghost and fasten it to a rock with iron. I have myself seen this image thus fastened. They also sacrifice every year to Actaeon as to a hero

Bronze statue of Dionysos

Dionysos at Orchomenos, later RE-dedicated on Mt. Helikon by Sulla.

Ancient oracles

Oracle of Tiresias at Orchomenus

(Pint. de Orac. Defect. 44.)

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