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Monuments reported by ancient authors (3)

Ancient sanctuaries

KYDONIA (Ancient city) CHANIA

Shrine of Dictyna

Here they stayed and prospered for five years; indeed, the temples now at Cydonia and the shrine of Dictyna are the Samians' work; but in the sixth year Aeginetans and Cretans came and defeated them in a sea-fight and made slaves of them; moreover they cut off the ships' prows, that were shaped like boars' heads, and dedicated them in the temple of Athena in Aegina.

Ancient statues

OLOUS (Ancient city) ELOUNDA

Wooden image of Britomartis

Of the works of Daidalos... There are also two wooden images in Crete, a Britomartis at Olus and an Athena at Cnossus, at which latter place is also Ariadne's Dance, mentioned by Homer in the Iliad, carved in relief on white marble.

Ancient temples


The temple of Dictynna

The territory.of the Polyrrhenians borders on that of the Cydoniatae towards the west, and the temple of Dictynna is in their territory.

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